Commercial Photographer


About Jonathan


My thirst for nature and the unknown started at a young age.  My parents would take us on car rides-from Indiana (yes, I'm a Hoosier), to Texas, or Minnesota, or camping.  My siblings had their walkmans, toys, books, but mostly I remember gazing out the window, wondering. 

What's behind that hill?  What's that farmer doing?  Where does that road go?  How far do those mountains go?  How do people live out here?  Could I survive out here?  Could I move through this landscape?  How could I prove that to myself, and bring a piece of it with me?

I branched out and started exploring.  Hiking, biking, driving, flying - any way I could.  The camera came later, but I still take it on all my adventures.  From hiking the Grand Canyon, to camping and exploring the Eastern Sierra, to offroading through glacial rivers- it's a fixture.

The thirst for adventure, finding new places, and documenting it all hasn't stopped either.  Let's work together.  Let's go places.  Let's see new things.  Let's shoot.